What’s Next for RGIII?

It’s been a rough year for Robert Griffin III. Rehabbing from a gruesome ACL injury, looking like the new coach Jay Gruden is against you, losing your job to Kirk Cousins, and then watching him succeed on the field. Griffin has spent 15 of the 16 games on the sidelines inactive and in sweatpants. The only good thing to come out of the season for Griffin, is he got to rehab his knee injury, work on his craft, and stay healthy in order to try and prove he still can be a great starting quarterback in the league.

RG3 Note.jpg

It’s been a foregone conclusion all year, but Monday morning it looks like we’ve seen the last of Griffin in Washington. Leaving a note on his locker sends mixed messages towards how he feels about the Redskins organization, but one message will always be clear. He can’t wait to be in another uniform next season. In the next few weeks we expect that the Redskins will release Griffin because no team will take him on at a 16M contract. So let’s take a look at the teams that will likely be interested in RGIII once he hits the open market.

Dallas Cowboys: Let’s get the obvious out of the way early. Jerry Jones has always had a flair for the dramatic and the media attention, and he’s already said that he’s “willing take on a risk for backup quarterback, as long as there is also a high upside”. We can all read between the lines and see that he’s talking about Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III. He would obviously be behind Romo on the depth chart, but Romo has been fragile over the last few years, so he could have the chance to be on the biggest stage on the NFL, starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, which I feel Griffin would love to do.

Houston Texans: I love this team for RGIII. Watching the wild-card weekend and the dumpster fire that is the Texans quarterback situation, Griffin could walk in to Houston and win the job just by being in the building. Not to mention he’s more than likely 100% after sitting out all year, he’ll have a legit #1 option in DeAndre Hopkins, and a solid running game if Arian Foster comes back healthy.

St. Louis Rams: Like Houston, RGIII would easily be the best quarterback on their roster if he were to sign. Todd Gurley is already a top 5 back in the NFL and they have a strong defense. Only downside to this deal is that they don’t have a good number 1 receiver on the roster, and Jeff Fisher has shown in the past he doesn’t like high profile quarterbacks (Vince Young). I could also see him signing there if the Rams indeed move to Los Angeles.

New York Jets: The Jets had a pretty good year. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a career year, but we know, and I’m sure the Jets know as well, that the “Amish Rifle” isn’t their franchise quarterback. Neither is Geno Smith. I’d like to think that the Jets will kick the tires on this possibility and it could work out for both sides. Great running game (Chris Ivory), 2 pretty good receivers (Marshall and Decker), and a fantastic defense. Griffin would be in a great position to succeed with the Jets.

Final Thoughts

If I were RGIII, I wouldn’t go to Dallas, I sure as hell wouldn’t go to St. Louis, and I wouldn’t go to the Jets either. I think the perfect situation for him is the Houston Texans. You’d almost be guaranteed the starting job from day one, you’d have a top 5 receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, a pretty good running game when Foster is healthy, and a head coach that is going to be desperate to keep his job past next season. Can’t forget that this might be the worst division in football, yes even worse than the NFC East. He could torch division defenses and lead the Texans to consecutive division titles.

Article by Thomas Mooney

Twitter: @thomas_mooney1

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