Keeping Up With the Ball’s

From playing sports as a youth, watching documentaries on Netflix, and witnessing parents first hand as a high school coach “cross the line” with their kids athletics, I have seen the egotistic families that think their kid is the real deal at a young age. Lavar Ball has exhausted that “cross the line” parent and has created a brand for his unproven son, setting him up to fail. When I watched the NBA Draft, I saw this freak show of a father promise that the Lakers will make the playoffs THIS year under his son’s wing.

First off, Lonzo Ball to me seems like a motivated young man that I feel can get it done without his father’s ego, or his own shoe brand. He has the potential to be a top 10 point guard in the NBA, but not right now. Lavar has created a system to not only set up Lonzo to fail, but his other two kids as well. His kids can talk themselves, they don’t need a Big Baller to talk for them, which is all I see with this family. If Lonzo wants to promise the playoffs to the Lakers next year, I have no problem with that, but the fact that his dad TALKS for all of his kids, makes me think they have a “shut up dad” attitude towards Lavar.

I encourage NBA analysts to not be surprised if Lonzo plays 5 years in the NBA and retires on his own will because of the overwhelming pressure that his father has put on him. Do you think potential Big Baller Brand shoe owners are going to buy his shoes if he’s averaged 10 PPG in the NBA for $495 dollars? Highly doubtful. The kid is 19 years old with expectations the size of the of the United States and probably more. This family will have a spotlight on them for his whole NBA career, and the second he fails, Lavar will have nobody to blame but himself for putting on the overwhelming pressure on Lonzo.

The recent talk of having a reality show about the Ball’s is spot on to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. A family full of unneeded drama, oversized expectations that will crush anyone that comes near them (just like Lamar Odom), and a family with decisions that are more than questionable. Pardon My Take said, Lavar Ball is a guy that was born to have a camera in his face after anything that happens, good or bad, and Lavar will state how bad the situation is, but I got through it so anyone can get through it.

Anyone can create a shoe brand, anyone can think their kid is destined to the NBA, anyone can have have an ego that is overblown. You will see the failure soon of Big Baller Brands and Lonzo & Lavar Ball, just you wait..

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