Chipotle Queso In Review

I recently had the opportunity to sit down at Chipotle and see what the fuss was all about about this Cheese Queso stuff. I found it very tasty, but I thought I would have to give the big dogs that listen to and read our blogs here at a Mel Kiper Jr. breakdown of how I really felt about it.


-The kick of the spices hit my tongue like a Middle Linebacker hitting the Quarterback BOOM baby BOOM!

-The Chip vs. Dip ratio was at a good level. Nate Wahl doesn’t want to spill the cheese or have lack of cheese, the amount of cheese I could apply to the chips were pretty much on the money like Kiper picks the Draft.

-The Queso/Salsa mix on the burrito was well managed like a Kiper Draft Board. The sauce brought the heat, the queso brought the kick, but hopefully not kicks like Robert Aquayo or Blair Walsh cause they both suck.


-Charging $1.25 to have a small pinch of Queso on my burrito, won’t pinch my nerves on a Football Sunday to really crave it all the time.

-Charging $3.35 for Chips and Queso puts my lunch with my chicken burrito right over $10.00, which doesn’t even include a soda. I’ll continue with my chips and salsa for $1.95 most days.

-I hate to throw Chipotle under the bus, but their cheese queso cups looks just like the cheese cups you get from Taco Bell, their texture is similar as well. The chunks in the cheese are also quite large which I won’t care much about but your Calorie freaks might lose it.


Potential: B

Texture: C-


Taste: A-




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