NFL Coaches On the Hot Seat After Two Weeks

Two weeks of the NFL season are over, and while it is early, we can already get a feel for which teams are going to be good and which teams are going to be bad. Which also means that we can take a look at which coaches should be looking over their shoulders for the front office putting the hammer down on their jobs. Here are the coaches in the league that should be worrying about their job securities after two weeks of the season.

Coaches on the Hot Seat

1. Chuck Pagano – Indianapolis Colts

Yes, the Colts are without Andrew Luck, but they still have good weapons on offense. They look AWFUL. Pagano was surprisingly extended last year but that was before they fired the GM Ryan Grigson. As long as Luck is out I don’t think he’ll be fired mid-season, but this is probably Pagano’s last year as a head coach.

2. Marvin Lewis – Cincinnati Bengals

Lewis has been the coach of the Bengals for the last 13 years, and he has zero playoff wins to show for it. The Bengals offense has been awful through two weeks, they can’t decide on a #1 running back, and there’s already rumors swirling around their locker room regarding their quarterback situation. Lewis has already showed a big sign of feeling the heat by firing his offensive coordinator after their 13-9 loss to the Texans, but he should actually worry about being fired this time around if their offense doesn’t pick it up.

3. Ben McAdoo – New York Giants

This is only his second year as the head coach of the New York football Giants, but they haven’t impressed. Hired for his offensive mind and continuity with Eli Manning, the Giants haven’t scored 20 points in 8 straight games, and they haven’t scored 30 points once so far under McAdoo. They fired Tom Coughlin for this guy, and he needs to get his offense going, or he could be fired mid-season, especially with the New York media breathing down his neck.

4. John Fox – Chicago Bears

The Bears struggles are being well documented. Mike Glennon as a starting quarterback doesn’t make sense, and their defense (Fox’s specialty) isn’t very good and hasn’t been good under his tenure. Fox might think that he has a few more years since they drafted Mitch Trubisky, but he should take a look at what happened to Jeff Fisher last year in Los Angeles. There were reports after the draft that even Fox was blindsided by the Trubisky pick, which of course doesn’t bode well for his future as the Bears coach.


Coaches don’t usually get fired mid-season, but if I were to make a guess as to who it would be this season, I would guess it would be Ben McAdoo. Taking into account their almost non-existent offense, McAdoo throwing Eli Manning under the bus, the nature of the New York media, and their extremely high expectations in the pre-season, he’s the most likely to get kicked to the curb first.

Which coaches should be on the hot seat? Any we missed? Let’s start a conversation on Twitter @thomas_mooney1, @AFewGoodMics

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