Why Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich Won’t Make a Dime From This Scandal

Recently in the Louisville Courier Journal, I have read numerous articles that state Jurich and Pitino will get paid from being terminated “with cause” which there are MANY causes they broke in order for both to lose their jobs. With Jurich the former Director of Athletics  for the University of Louisville, had three easily fire able offenses on Pitino:

1. The Karen Sypher Incident

In 2003, Pitino was found at a local high end  Louisville restaurant/bar having sexual relations with a woman “after hours” which is the first disgrace of Rick Pitino. He started the drama by buying her a drink which lead to “unbuttoning his pants” and claiming they did indeed have sex at that same table. No university should tolerate this kind of behavior. As the Head Basketball Coach of a major Big 5 conference perennial power, you have the right to have a drink or two, but you should do so not under the spotlight at for example, a a high end Louisville restaurant where everyone knows who you are and everyone whispers about your conduct while you are in their restaurant. Find a hole in the wall bar in the middle of nowhere with good food and drinks, where you are out of the spotlight. Although Sypher took it too far in the long run of this, it seems zero fault was given to Rick with this offense which is wrong.

2. The Strippers Outburst

When assistant coach Andre McGee paid strippers for sex with players and incoming recruits and once again, you see Pitino and Jurich playing the fools, again. As an AD your main job is to make sure your coaches, players, etc. in all sports are following the appropriate codes, conducts, etc. that your university has. As a head coach of Louisville, you have the same job, you need to know what the hell is going on and off the court with your players, coaches, and other personnel. I know this is another damning shock to Louisville fans, but the fool always loses the battle, and for Jurich and Pitino they have lost the battle within their respective positions.

3. Payments to Brian Bowen

There is clear cut evidence of this Rick and Tom, sorry to have to be the one to tell it to you that Rick exchanged TEXTS with Christian Dawkins, the biggest fraud of this fiasco. You stated on a local Louisville radio show this season that this is the “luckiest you have been with recruiting in your whole career” that’s like a little kid saying I found a $100 dollar bill in this person’s wallet but I’m not going to return it. If you did pay to land this Bowen kid, keep your mouth shut about it, make something up like, myself and his family connected very well or whatever. You are telling the public with that quote that something is out of the ordinary and in modern day society, of course you are going to be investigated for that comment. You usually get players that play for you for a few years vs. Bowen who was a sure one and done straight to the NBA. You act like you are protected and confused why Brian Bowen’s family was staying at the Galt House (Louisville’s Best Hotel) well with $100,000 in Louisville, KY you can’t stay at a better place than that. Also, what player starts taking classes and is ON campus before they have even committed to that university?

The fact of the matter is, Pitino couldn’t manage his sport and Jurich couldn’t manage ALL of his sports. Obviously Basketball and Football are your biggest money makers so that probably has more focus than say Field Hockey, but how do we know their aren’t other scandals within the Louisville program that have gotten swept under the table under Jurich? More sports will come out, and all the people that call Pitino and Jurich the “good guys” I ask you to take a seat. They were fired WITH cause as they should be.


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