Winners and Losers of the NFL Trade Deadline

That was a pretty good deadline wouldn’t you say? Usually it’s a ho-hum time of the year in the NFL, but this year we got several big moves all around the NFL. We saw a hyped QB prospect move coasts, a team finally get a left tackle, and a running back surprisingly change teams. Now that the deadline has officially passed, let’s take a look at the winners and losers from the 2017 NFL trade deadline.


Russell Wilson

Wilson, I believe, is the most underrated QB in the league today. A guy that can make every throw, commands respect in the huddle, and create highlights at the drop of a hat. And that’s all with a trash offensive line. Wilson since he entered the league in 2012 has been the most sacked QB in the league. And now he finally has a left tackle that can be trusted with the Seahawks acquisition of Duane Brown. This should also help them get their running game going, which will only help Wilson as well.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.16.21 AM.png

Kyle Shanahan

As of right now, Shanahan has his QB of the future. Rather than spend $25M a season next summer for Kirk Cousins (will be 30 at the start of next season), or draft a QB with their top 2 pick, he decided to trade one of their two 2nd round picks for Jimmy Garappolo. To me this is a great trade for the Niners. Yes, Jimmy G has only 6 quarters of legit NFL experience, but he did show flashes in that time. If you want to disregard that, that’s fine too. Basically, they decided to draft Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd round. Now they can trade back in the first round for a kings ransom of picks with a team looking for a top QB, and they’ll be expected to be BIG spenders next summer as they have over $60M in cap room.

Tom Brady

I don’t think ANYBODY expected the Pats to trade both Jimmy G and Jacoby Brissett in the same year. Now, Brady is the only QB on the roster, and has no one to look over his shoulder for. Bill Belichek’s tendency to cut players before they fall off apparently has one and only one exception with Tom Brady, and he’ll be the Pats QB for the forseeable future, even when they presumably use a top 3 (round) pick on a quarterback.

Philadelphia Eagles

It’s safe to say they are all-in this year. They’re sitting pretty at the top of the NFC standings with a 7-1 record, and they just got stronger after acquiring running back Jay Ajayi from the Miami Dolphins. The Eagles had three 4th round picks and only gave up one of them to get Ajayi. Sure, they’ll have to deal with the likelihood of LeGarrette Blount being upset, but this sets them up for the long run as well. Great get for the Eagles.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills offense has been unspectacular to say the least. They rank 29th in the league in total offense and they were able to give themselves a big boost by acquiring Kelvin Benjamin from the Panthers. A third round pick isn’t terrible considering they had two of them next year stemming from the Ronald Darby-Jordan Matthews trade earlier this year.


Martavis Bryant

Everyone knows that Bryant wants out of Pittsburgh due to his perceived lack of touches, but he couldn’t find his way out. Now he’ll have to settle with watching Juju Smith-Schuster take his spot as the #2 receiver.

Kirk Cousins

It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in the league that Kirk Cousins isn’t exactly thrilled with his situation in Washington. It makes financial sense for him to stay on the franchise tag, considering he’d make less if he accepted their most recent extension offer. And now with the 49ers trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, one more destination looks to be out of the cards. He might have to stick it out another year in Washington if they decide to offer the tag for a 3rd time.

Cleveland Browns

I feel bad for Browns fans, I really do. They traded out of picks where they could have had Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson, and now they missed out on Garropolo. I think it’s clear they don’t have confidence that Kizer is the guy, and the Patriots accepted an offer that was less than what the Browns reportedly offered before the 2017 draft. Another year of waiting for the next Browns franchise QB.

Cam Newton

What the hell is Cam supposed to do now. He’s already struggling with consistency this season, he’s without Greg Olsen for the season, and they trade away their #1 receiver? Not sure I understand the reasoning for the Panthers to trade Benjamin away. Especially since if the playoffs ended today they’d be a playoff team. I would expect their ranking of 21st in total offense to go down as the season goes on now.


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