The Green Bay Packers Need To Clean House

The night was Monday November 6th. The Green Bay Packers were heading into a game with the division rival Detroit Lions and coming off of a bye week. This was the perfect time for the Packers to come out on Monday Night Football and make a statement.

“Our season is not over”

They went on to get torn apart by Matt Stafford and the Lions. They were down 20-3 at one point, the defense couldn’t get pressure on Stafford, and the offense couldn’t move the ball.¬†They had two full weeks to get Brett Hundley ready to go, and they wouldn’t let him throw more than a dump off pass. They had two full weeks to get this defense ready to defend Matt Stafford. AND THEY COULDN’T EVEN FOR A PUNT!!!!

That was a flat out embarrassing performance by the Packers and it only led me to one conclusion. The Packers absolutely need to clean house.

Mike McCarthy

What an awful coaching job by Mike McCarthy. We’ve seen Aaron Rodgers frustrated with his offense before, and now we know why. There’s no creativity. Jon Gruden even mentioned in the broadcast that he needs to open up the playbook for Brett Hundley. And after two weeks, nothing changed from when they lost to the New Orleans Saints. So it’s one of three things: They don’t think Hundley is good enough, they don’t trust Hundley to run the offense, or Mike McCarthy isn’t capable of adjusting to Brett Hundley.

What’s also clear is that the Packers critics were right all along. Aaron Rodgers carries this team, and makes Mike McCarthy look like one of the top coaches and offensive minds in the league.

Dom Capers

I would say I’m sorry to say this, but I’m really not. Dom Capers is a sorry excuse for a defensive coordinator. Sure, the Packers defense was in the top 10 when they won the Super Bowl in 2010, BUT THAT WAS SEVEN YEARS AGO. He’s basically been running the same defense for the last twenty years and teams know how to attack it. I’ve been calling for Capers to be gone for the last 4 years and they always either make an excuse for injuries, or they play well the last 3 weeks to save his job. Get him out and get a real coordinator back there. I’m all for a Capers for Rex Ryan switch.

Ted Thompson

Thompson is the man Packer fans have had the most gripes with over the past few years. Whether it’s him missing on high draft picks, or his crazy unwillingness to spend money in free agency, he’s been the proverbial punching bag. I used to defend Ted Thompson. Saying they need to use that cap room to extend their homegrown stars, mentioning how he hits late in the draft and with undrafted free agents, but I’ve had enough over this last year. With Aaron Rodgers at QB they don’t have the time to continue with this draft and develop philosophy.

It’s time to do what John Elway did several years ago. Realize you have a Hall of Fame quarterback and spend the money to win one while you can.


Simple. Get rid of everybody.

The offense has been stale for a long time now, the defense is even worse, and they don’t have time to stick with draft and develop.

Get a coach with a more dynamic offense. Someone that can change from week to week. We always marvel at the Patriots for never having the same gameplan two weeks in a row. If Mike McCarthy was so good, the offense wouldn’t look stale even with Aaron Rodgers. And I’ve ranted enough about the defense the last few years. So honestly, get rid of the whole staff. Everybody.

For the front office? I wouldn’t necessarily put Ted Thompson on the street, make him the head of scouting. Ted Thompson lives to go and scout players, so let him do it. Give him an open checkbook and send him anywhere he needs to go, but don’t let him make personnel decisions anymore. It’s time to promote Elliot Wolf to GM, because he won’t turn down jobs from other teams for another year.

Funny thing is, I wrote the exact same article last year. But things have changed. They don’t have Aaron Rodgers to save their season this time around, and his absence is only exposing this coaching staff. It’s time for the Mark Murphy and the Green Bay Packers to quit with the excuses, and use this bomb of a season to finally make some changes.


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  1. Chuck says:

    So right on the D putting it together for the last month of the season every year. I think collectively everyone thinks 1 of 3 thoughts:
    1. They were improving and good at the end of the year, wouldn’t be right to fire an improving unit’s coordinator
    2. They just weren’t healthy most of the year!
    3. You can’t blame Dom he’s working with a bunch of undrafted rookies in the secondary! Blame Ted!

    Terrific venting article Thomas, if I were to include my primary frustration with this team in your ‘clean house’ edict I would include the training staff. I am not familiar with the staff or positions this entails but they need to try something else as far as injury prevention. It just doesn’t make sense that they are this beat up every year. I see players like Jared Abbredaris playing for Detroit last night and wonder: why couldn’t he ever be healthy enough to play here?

    In the 70s and 80s when Green Bay struggled people said the fact that they didn’t have 1 owner affected them negatively. Do you think that is true in the long run? We all love the fan owners but in terms of team success- what is better?

    I also think, and maybe this is just me, that Green Bay doesn’t want to make the Ed Donatell (sp?) mistake. If memory serves he was defensive coordinator for one year(2001 or 2002) and the Packers led the league in turnovers. He was fired after Vick tore them up in the first playoff game Green Bay ever lost at home. Then Jim Bates was hired and Ahmad Carroll, 32nd ranked pass defense, 4-12, Sherman fired ensued. Perhaps there are people in the organization who remember that hasty decision and don’t want to repeat it, the question is where is their breaking point with Dom Capers? (Sherman may have fired Donatell I do not know, just trying to figure out Capers’ longevity).

    Terrific article.


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