NFL Coaches That Should Be Fired After 2017

Merry Christmas everyone! Week 16 is just about in the books and I’m here to spread the Christmas cheer. And I’ll be doing that by telling you which head coaches should be looking over their shoulder, and awaiting that fateful call.

The New York Giants already fired Ben McAdoo, and Marvin Lewis has already announced that he will not return to the Cincinnati Bengals after 15 seasons.

The Obvious

Chuck Pagano – Indianapolis Colts

He’s been a sitting duck coach all year long. It doesn’t help that the new GM spend the off-season remaking the roster and Andrew Luck has been out all year, but the Colts have been on the downslide for the last few years and it’s the right time to make a change.

Dirk Koetter – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The reason why Lovie Smith was fired for Koetter was because of Jameis Winston. And before this season, most people (especially myself) expected the Bucs to make that next jump and Winston to be an MVP candidate. Instead they have one of the worst records in the NFL and Winston’s rise to stardom has taken a big step back.

Hue Jackson – Cleveland Browns

I know the owner Jimmy Haslam already said that Hue will be back for next season, but I don’t believe it. I was a believer in what the Browns were trying to build when it started, but a 1-30 record in his tenure and on his way to an 0-16 season, I can’t imagine the new GM John Dorsey will keep him around no matter what the owner says.

One More Year?

John Fox – Chicago Bears

I was convinced that the Bears would go in a different direction after this year, but now I’m not so sure. The offense hasn’t been great, but that’s to be expected with rookie Mitch Trubisky starting most of the season. But the real surprise has been their defense. They rank 9th in the league in yards per game and 11th in scoring defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let Fox go due to their terrible record during his tenure and to get an offensive coach for Trubisky, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they give it one more year. We’ll see.

Bill O’Brien – Houston Texans

What an awful year for the Texans. DeShaun Watson came out firing and showed that he could be a top QB in the league, but goes down with a torn ACL in practice. JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus also go down for the year. He still has the respect in the locker room, and I would give him one more year to see what he can do with a full season of a healthy DeShaun Watson.

Vance Joseph – Denver Broncos

There’s reports all over the place saying Joseph will be one and done, and I feel bad for the guy. The roster is ready made for a playoff run if they had a quarterback that was worth anything. John Elway deserves the blame for this lost season, all because he didn’t go out and get even a halfway decent QB.


Todd Bowles – New York Jets

He was one of the guys I thought would be a sitting duck at the start of the season. They don’t have a ton of talent on the team, but this year they fought hard, won 5 games (some had them going 0-16), and saw the emergence of a few young players including WR Robbie Anderson. I think Bowles has earned another shot after their surprising season.

Mike McCarthy – Green Bay Packers

This is the big one. I’ve been calling most of the year for the Packers to fire McCarthy, but I doubt it actually happens. The offense is just so unimaginative and predictable and gets bailed out by the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers. This year they didn’t have that luxury, and even with 3 years of developing Brett Hundley, he still didn’t trust Hundley to throw the ball more than 10 yards down the field. If it were me I’d fire McCarthy, but knowing the Packers like I do, they’ll just blame the bad season on the injuries instead.


Is there anyone you think should be fired? Anything you disagree with on this list? Let’s start a conversation on Twitter @AFewGoodMics @thomas_mooney1


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