Thoughts of the Week (2/13/18)

Consistency? I wouldn’t know a damn thing about that (he said somewhat sarcastically). Another week without a podcast, so that means it’s week 2 of my thoughts of the (slow) news week.

Can we tone down the Cleveland Hype?

The Cavs were the big talk of the NBA during the trade deadline and for good reason. They changed about half their roster and then went on to destroy the Celtics 121-99. I’m of the mindset that the Cavs did improve at the deadline, as they were one of my winners of the trade deadline. But I’m not ready to say they’re the definitive favorites to win the East like many at ESPN and FS1 are currently doing. A lot of game ones after changes at the deadline are adrenaline and freestyle. If they’re playing close to that in 2 months then I’ll do it, but until then, Toronto and Boston are still very much in the mix.

Congrats Cubs on Yu Darvish

This I say only half-heartedly. Sure Yu Darvish is one of the better pitchers in the league, but all I gotta say is I’m glad the Brewers didn’t give him this deal. The Cubs got a discount on the yearly salary at only $21M a year, but they’re going to regret giving a 6 year deal to a 31 year old pitcher with a history of elbow problems. And if anything goes wrong, Darivsh won’t be exercising that opt-out after the 2nd year.

Holding out hope for Johnny Football

I took a listen to the latest “Pardon My Take” where they interviewed former Texas A&M and Browns QB Johnny Manziel, and I was pretty impressed with what I heard. Sure, there’s only so much you can take away from an interview, but so far in the last year has been able to back it up with is actions. He’s stayed out of the media spotlight and out of the headlines. Now if he commits to his craft during this off-season, maybe we’ll see him in the CFL and eventually in the NFL again.




Colts get their guy (again)

After getting screwed over by Josh McDaniels, the Colts went out and hired Eagles OC Frank Reich. He’s been involved with the NFL for close to 30 years now, and was a big reason for the Eagles success this year. I think the Colts will end up being thankful that McDaniels walked out on them in the long run.


That’s it for a slow news week. Now try your best to adjust to life without football.


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