2018 NFL Preview: Coaches On The Hot Seat

We’re officially less than a week to go until the NFL season begins. We started part one of our official NFL Preview last week with the 5 teams to watch, and now we go another perspective. These are the four coaches that I find most likely on the hot seat going into the NFL season, enjoy and as always, let me know what you think?


1. Hue Jackson – Cleveland Browns

A record of 1-31 over two seasons will put anyone on the hot seat, but it’s for other reasons too that Jackson has the hottest seat in the league. This team has the talent on the roster to win now. And in a weak AFC, they’re a team I could see making a run if they can put it together. But they do have a rough start to the schedule facing the Steelers and the Saints. If they go an uninspiring 0-2 in those games, or even 1-3 in their first four, I fully expect Hue to get fired, with offensive coordinator Todd Haley taking the reigns for the rest of the season.

2. Dirk Koetter – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I was one of the many people last year that thought Dirk Koetter should’ve been fired after going 5-11 last season. I thought for sure that with Jameis and Mike Evans, and the coach that supposedly was going to take them to the next level, that they’d end up getting there. Instead the defense is still a mess, and the offense was just as bad. This is a make or break year for both Koetter and Jameis, with Koetter being the most likely to fall if things go bad.

3. Bill O’Brien – Houston Texans

O’Brien last year got a pass due to all the injuries the team suffered. Not only did they lose Deshaun Watson and JJ Watt to season ending injuries, they also lost Whitney Mercilus and Brian Cushing (again) as well. This year if they stay healthy, there’s no reason they shouldn’t expect a division title and possibly a playoff win.

4. Jason Garrett – Dallas Cowboys

I swear it seems like I put Garrett on the list every year, the Cowboys underachieve, yet nothing happens. I personally believe that it will take something catastrophic to happen for him to get fired, because Garrett’s really only a puppet for Jerry Jones. They’ll probably have to go worse that 5-11 for him to lose his job this season.


Are there any coaches that you think should be on the hot seat this season? Follow us on Twitter and let’s start a conversation @AFewGoodMics, @thomas_mooney1

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