5 Things We Learned From NFL Week 1

Week one of the NFL season is in the books. We saw plenty of surprising performances, both good and bad. In this weekly column I’ll go over five things I saw from the weekend of NFL football.

Five Things We Learned From NFL Week 1

1. The Jets might have themselves a quarterback

Sam Darnold’s NFL debut started just about as Jetsy as ever, throwing a pick-six on his first career pass. After that though, he was very impressive. Showing elusiveness outside the pocket, and similarly stepping up in the pocket when he needed to. Made the right decisions and helped lead the team to a 48-17 victory over the Lions. It’s only one game, but this should give some hope to the Jets faithful.

2. Browns are still gonna Browns

I’ve admittedly been on the Browns bandwagon going back to last year. They got a lot of talent in the summer, and there seemed to be a glimmer of hope following their 0-16 season. But man, the Browns cannot seem to get out of their own way. Their defense shined through all the rain on Sunday, forcing SIX Steeler turnovers. But of course in the end, a couple under-thrown balls from Tyrod and a blocked kick forced them to settle for a tie. They didn’t technically lose, but with all the momentum they had and all the things they did well against a top offense, it sure felt like one they let slip away.

3. The Bills will be the league’s worst team

My God, what an awful performance from the Bills. Nathan Peterman showed again who everyone thought he was after last year’s dreadful start, only throwing for 24 yards against the Ravens. They’re led by a defensive minded coach, but they let Joe Flacco look like Joe Montana out there. Their offense could set records for how bad they’ll be, and they’re probably going to end up being forced to throw Josh Allen to the wolves, setting him up for failure.

4. Jameis Winston is officially on notice

The biggest shock of the weekend was Ryan Fitzpatrick putting up close to 500 yards and 4 TDs on the Saints defense. Fitzpatrick has a long history of inconsistency, which is why he has never been able to hold down a starting job for long. The Bucs have a tough next two games against the Eagles and Steelers, but if Fitzpatrick can provide any sort of stability, Jameis Winston will be in trouble.

5. Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of all time

Excuse me while I pull out my inner Stephen A Smith, Aaron Rodgers is a BAAAAD MAN! Coming back playing on one leg to throw almost 300 yards and 3 TDs in the 2nd half leading the Packers back from a 20-0 deficit against the Bears, that was one of the best performances of Rodgers’ regular season career. This may not be something we learned in week one, but for some of us, something that just got reemphasized on Sunday night. He’s not the most accomplished (that would be Brady), but Rodgers is the greatest and most talented quarterback in the history of football. Please @ me. I dare you.


What were your thoughts on week 1 of the NFL season? What were your biggest takeaways? Follow us and let’s start a conversation on Twitter @AFewGoodMics, @thomas_mooney1

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