Thoughts of the Week (Feb 13)

So much for that New Years resolution eh? I wanted to make a goal for myself that I would put out at least one article every week starting the new year, but like most resolutions, it died out after the first few weeks. But now that life has sort of settled around me over the last month, I’m gonna start trying my best to get back into it. Not making promises to myself that I can’t keep, but still just try to put more effort into this thing. That’s what I need the most. Time to end the self reflecting, here are my thoughts of the week.

1. Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh

The Antonio Brown saga has taken another turn. According to Adam Schefter, the star receiver has officially requested a trade away from the Steelers. To me, the end result of this is fairly obvious. The Steelers have to trade Antonio Brown and trade him as soon as possible. They’re going to be taking a big hit regardless, but are they really going to want to go through another year of distraction and turmoil after their whole beef with Le’Veon Bell? Pittsburgh might as well just bite the bullet on the cap it, and trade Antonio Brown while his value is still sky high.

2. Kyler Murray picks football over baseball

I wrote in a previous edition of Thoughts of the Week that I would have picked baseball over football, just based on the health aspect and that he could still make a lot of money over the course of his career if he was good enough. But it’s clear that his passion is to play football, so if that’s what’s driving him, I can’t fault him for picking football. I just hope that the right team picks him in the upcoming draft (not you Oakland), and if his career as a quarterback doesn’t pan out, baseball will more than likely still be waiting for him. Just ask Tim Tebow.

3. The Raptors made the right call trading for Marc Gasol

I was one of the many Raptors fans that were against trading Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Miles and a pick to the Memphis Grizzlies for Marc Gasol at the trade deadline, but after only two games, I’m all in. Even at 34 years old, Gasol is still a capable defender, reliable shot maker, and most importantly, his passing is off the charts. He’s going to open up so much for this offense just with his passing alone. When the game eventually slows down in the playoffs, they’ll be able to rely on his talent much more than JV. I’ll still hate seeing Jonas in a Memphis uniform though.

Jonas Valanciunas checks in for the first time as a Memphis Grizzlies player after seven seasons in Toronto

4. Denver Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

Adam Schefter broke the news today that the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to trade former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco to the Denver Broncos for a “mid-round” pick. For the Ravens this is a no-brainer decision. They could have released him for no penalty this summer, but getting actual value for him is a good move, and fully launches the Ravens into the Lamar Jackson era. For the Broncos though, it’s a head-scratcher at best. After whiffing on the Paxton Lynch pick, they signed Case Keenum for only marginal results. Now John Elway is trading valuable draft capital for a QB that’s already proven to be way past his prime and with an injury history. This trade just reeks of desperation, and if the Broncos miss the playoffs again, should cost him his job.

Highlight of the Week

Sorry to keep spamming the posts with Zion highlights, but this block was crazy

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