Thoughts of the Week (Feb 20)

Was kind of a slow week in the world of sports. Trade deadline has come and gone for the NBA, the NFL off-season hasn’t really started yet, and baseball hasn’t started yet either. We had the NBA All-Star weekend and that’s about it. Now that it has passed, we gear up for the stretch run in both the NBA and NCAA’s as we lead for the playoffs and March Madness. But first, here is my newest installment of “Thoughts of the Week”.

Thoughts of the Week

1. All-Star Weekend was…meh

In what should be the marquee event of the NBA regular season, I found All-Star weekend to be mostly a dud. The dunk contest had about two good dunks in the span of an hour and I thought the all-star game was pretty boring except for a few highlights. We were lucky that the three point contest was as good as it was, basically saved the weekend. They gotta do something to liven it up, because it’s getting really stale for me. Luckily, my fellow Raptors HQ contributor JD Quirante has come up with a few solutions.

2. Antonio Brown and Steelers to move on…officially

Antonio Brown made a bit of a wave as he said that he’s met with Steelers owner Dan Rooney and they’ve both agreed that a trade is the next step. The guys a talent, but you gotta think teams are going to start shying away from him. Meeting with the owner and agreeing on this would usually be good enough, but AB (I’m not calling him Mr Big Chest) needs to quit being so extra. I’m not usually the person trying to shut down personality with athletes, but he’s not doing himself any favors. That being said, I still want my Packers to trade for him.

3. Anthony Davis open to any team except New Orleans

I’m officially over all this Anthony Davis stuff. Over the weekend, Davis said on the record that he was open to playing for any team in the league, except for the one he’s on. We know he’s demanded a trade and wants out, but this is getting out of control. Don’t force yourself into the lineup, while at the same time trying to force yourself out and trashing the organization. I’m fine with him trying to take control of his future, but you don’t have to insult our intelligence or trash the organization.

4. Manny Machado heads to San Diego

At least one of the big free agents has found a home. I’m not all that surprised that he went to San Diego. They’ve had a bit of a history of getting big name free agents only to trade them two years later, but it’s the size of the contract that surprises me. I thought the main reason that guys like Machado and Harper were still available was because the owners didn’t want to hand out the the ten year big money deals, because there’s a long history of teams getting burned on those deals (looking at you Pujols). After this, I gotta think that Harper holds out until he gets more.

5. DeMar DeRozan returns to Toronto

As a life-long die-hard Toronto Raptors fan, I’m not sure I’m ready for what’s coming on Friday. Playing against the Spurs in San Antonio was one thing, but DeMar DeRozan returning to Toronto for the first time since the trade is something completely different. He was everything we wanted from a Raptor. Loyal, an all-star, someone that represented himself, the team, and the city with class, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Not sure what to expect for the game itself, but I’ll be disappointed if the crowd doesn’t give DeMar the longest and loudest ovation in the history of the franchise.


Highlight of the Week

Giannis is just insane.

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