Grading the Trade: Broncos trade QB Case Keenum to Washington

We all knew that it was a forgone conclusion that the Broncos were going to move on from Case Keenum after they agreed to acquire Joe Flacco from the Baltimore Ravens a few weeks ago. Today turned out to be that day where that conclusion finally became a reality. Today the Denver Broncos agreed to trade Keenum after just one season to the Washington Redskins.

Full trade details:
Denver receives: WAS 2020 6th round pick
Washington receives: QB Case Keenum, DEN 2020 7th round pick

Broncos Grade: C-

I said last year when they first signed Keenum that it was a bit of a head scratcher. He had a good breakout season as a Viking, but he’s no game changer. The Broncos signed him with the mindset that they were just a decent quarterback away from returning to the playoffs, but Keenum reverted back to his inconsistent play, which led to the offense struggling their way to a middle of the road offense. In the end, Denver signing him to the big deal that they did, and then having to attach a pick (even if it is just a 7th), only getting a 6th round pick back, AND paying half his salary after only one season, it officially marks Case Keenum as a bust of a signing.

Washington Grade: B-

I know I kind of ripped Keenum in the paragraph above for the Broncos, but at least the Skins got a good deal. We should recognize Keenum for what he is: A solid stop-gap quarterback while they look for something better. Washington doesn’t know if Alex Smith will ever be able to play again after his gruesome leg injury last year, and they needed some sort of option. Being able to get Keenum for the little amount of compensation as they did, and the cheap contract they’ll now have him on, they’ll still have the flexibility to chase another free agent quarterback, or the more likely situation, grab a quarterback early in next month’s draft.

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