Free agency opens up tonight at 7PM eastern, but the deals are already FLYING. I’ll be here all night to grade the deals as they’re reported. Hope you’re ready for the ride.

Newest deals will be at the bottom of the page as this updates.

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets – 4 years, $164M

This is the decision everyone was waiting for. He’ll make his formal announcement tonight on Instagram, but he’ll join Kyrie and DeAndre in Brooklyn. Obviously playing with those two was a big draw for him, but I think a bigger reason that he left the Warriors is because he couldn’t trust the medical staff. It’ll suck that he’ll miss the first season, but when Durant comes back, the Nets are likely going to be title favorites. GRADE: A+

Kyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets – 4 years $141M

This one had been reported for weeks that Kyrie was going to sign with Brooklyn. He’s definitely an upgrade over D’Angelo Russell, but it’ll be interesting to see how he meshes with the locker room. However, this is a deal you do every time if you’re the Nets, especially if it also nets you Kevin Durant. GRADE: A+

Kemba Walker – Boston Celtics – 4 years $141M

The Celtics really rebounded nicely after losing Kyrie and unexpectedly losing (likely) Al Horford. I think Walker is probably a better fit than Kyrie, just for the fact he’s less of a headache and should fit Brad Stevens system better. I hate that Kemba is a Celtic, but I’m glad he’s done rotting his career away in Charlotte. GRADE: A

Khris Middleton – Milwaukee Bucks – 5 years $178M

I really like Khris Middleton, but this is A LOT of money. He’d be a great #3 guy on a title team, but more than $30M a year is too much. However, you have to do this if you’re the Bucks, as you can’t afford to lose him, and you have to show Giannis you’re willing to pay to keep a contender together. GRADE: B

Brook Lopez – Milwaukee Bucks – 4 years $52M

Like Middleton, the Bucks needed to bring back Lopez. I’m actually really surprised they got him at this low a number. I thought he could’ve gotten close to $20M/year from other teams. Great deal for Milwaukee. GRADE: A

Damian Lillard – Portland Trailblazers – 4 years $196M

Really an easy decision for both sides. The Blazers and Lillard have a great relationship, and Lillard has often said that he wants to spend his whole career with one team, and it’s easy to do that when you can get a supermax deal like this. GRADE: A

DeAndre Jordan – Brooklyn Nets – 4 years $40M

Like Irving, getting a commitment from DeAndre was key to luring Durant. I’m curious to find out the number though. Jordan is still a good rebounder and defender, although his effort level was lacking last year, maybe he’ll be better with that now that he’ll be on a contender. I just hope is that he doesn’t end up starting over Jarrett Allen. GRADE: B-

Rudy Gay – San Antonio Spurs – 2 years $32M

After traveling around the league over the first part of his career, it seems like Gay has finally found a place where he’s comfortable. He’s good friends with DeMar and is a key cog of a playoff team. Solid deal for Rudy. GRADE: B

Terry Rozier – Charlotte Hornets – 3 years $58M

I have no idea what the hell Michael Jordan and Mitch Kupchak are thinking right now. I understand not giving Kemba Walker a supermax, but Rozier isn’t half the player Walker is, and they’ll be paying him close to $20M a year. I feel bad for Hornets fans. GRADE: F

Dewayne Dedmon – Sacramento Kings – 3 years $40M

Zach Lowe said on his podcast last week that Dedmon was going to get a good money deal with somebody. He’s a really solid big man that even extended his range to the three last season in Atlanta. I assume that this deal means the end of Willie Cauley-Stein in Sac-Town. GRADE: B

Harrison Barnes – Sacramento Kings – 4 years $85M

Barnes opted out of his $25M deal because he knew he was going to get big money. It’s a lot of money for a guy that shouldn’t be close to a #1 option, but he’s a good 3 and D player and a great presence in the locker room. GRADE: B

Garrett Temple – Brooklyn Nets – 2 years $10M

This is great value for the Nets. Temple is a really solid 3 and D guy off the bench, and for only $5M a year is a steal. GRADE: A

Jonas Valanciunas – Memphis Grizzlies – 3 years $45M

I was a bit surprised to see JV opt out of his deal, but I love that he’s staying with a fun young team and gets some long-term security. I think $15M/year for him is good value for Memphis as well. GRADE: B+

Thaddeus Young – Chicago Bulls – 3 years $41M

Thad Young is one of the more underrated players in the league, and he was a big part of Indiana’s success, and this is a good deal in terms of money, but I have no idea why he’d sign with the Bulls? I also don’t know why the Bulls are doing this either, they could use another guard and are they planning to play him with Markkanen and Carter? Just a head scratching move for both sides. GRADE: C

Derrick Rose – Detroit Pistons – 2 years $15M

I get that the Pistons want more scoring, but I think it’s a REALLY BAD idea to have both Rose and Reggie Jackson as their point guards. Rose shot 39% from three last year but was 13% the last month of the season, I don’t see Rose finishing this contract in a Pistons uniform. GRADE: C-

JJ Redick – New Orleans Pelicans – 2 years $26.5M

I can’t get over how much I love this signing for New Orleans. I thought they’d use their cap room to sign a center (Looking at you Al Hofrord), but Redick is awesome for them. An extra shooter around Zion, Lonzo, and Ingram is great and the Pelicans are in prime position for a playoff push next year. GRADE: A+

Kristaps Porzingis – Dallas Mavericks – 5 years $158M

Feel like the Mavs had to give Porzingis the max because he would’ve been offered it by other teams, but this is really risky considering he’s coming off a torn ACL. Assuming good health though, Porzingis and Doncic should be a lot of fun to watch next year. GRADE: B+

Gerald Green – Houston Rockets – 1 year

The Rockets don’t have much cap room (don’t think they have any in fact) and were limited in terms of options. Green is a solid depth guy that can still get buckets. No mention of the money yet, but I would assume it’s close to the vet minimum. GRADE: B

Terrence Ross – Orlando Magic – 4 years $54M

Former Raptor gets his big money deal to stay in Orlando, and I’m really happy for him. He had a career year last year and emerged as a go-to scorer for them. Was going to have a lot of suitors this summer so I think the Magic likely paid a bit extra to take him off the market early. GRADE: B+

Trevor Ariza – Sacramento Kings – 2 years $25M

I don’t get this at all. Ariza may be a good veteran for a young locker room, but wasn’t he washed up last year? Think the money could’ve been better spent elsewhere. GRADE: D

Danuel House – Houston Rockets – 3 years $11.1M

House emerged as a nice young piece for the Rockets in his brief stint with the big club last year, and like Green, House could have a decent role with the team next year. GRADE: B

Ricky Rubio – Phoenix Suns – 3 years $51M

The Suns finally have a point guard, but what exactly are they doing? Great deal for Rubio because I didn’t think he’d get this much, but he’s not moving the needle in terms of bringing the Suns closer to the playoffs. I’m glad that this means the end of the Booker at point guard experiment. GRADE: C

Malcom Brogdon – Indiana Pacers – 4 years $85M

Man, I love this signing for Indiana. Sure, it is a lot of money, but Brogdon is really freaking good. He was the Bucks 2nd best player during the Raptors series, and he’s just a steady player that fits anywhere. His pairing with Oladipo is a great fit, and the Pacers should be a great team when he’s back healthy. That said, it’s a huge loss for Milwaukee. GRADE: A

Jeremy Lamb – Indiana Pacers – 3 years $31.5M

Pacers are really hitting it out of the park on day one of free agency. Yes they lost Bogdonavic and Thad Young, but Brogdon and now Lamb as their scorer off the bench is a great way to mitigate those losses. They’ll make a push for a top 3 seed when Oladipo comes back healthy. GRADE: A

Bojan Bogdonavic – Utah Jazz – 4 years $73M

Another home run signing in free agency. This means that they’ll lose Favors, but the Jazz are going to be incredibly good next year. People scoffed at the Jazz being title contenders after trading for Mike Conley, but they’ve got the potential to be the #1 seed in the West next year, and absolutely have a title shot. Bogdonavic is a great 3 point shooter and is a solid defender as well. Seamless fit into the starting lineup in Utah. GRADE: A+

Thomas Bryant – Washington Wizards – 3 years $25M

I really liked Bryant when he was coming out of Indiana, and he was awesome for the second half of last season. Really solid deal for both sides. GRADE: A-

Al-Farouq Aminu – Orlando Magic – 3 years $29M

Not really sure what the Magic are doing here. They’re already a very good defensive team, which Aminu adds to, but they really struggled to score and it showed in the playoffs. Think they could’ve better used their money. Also, is Aminu even gonna start? Thought he might look for a better role as well. GRADE: C

Rodney Hood – Portland Trailblazers – 2 years $16M

It looked like his career had cratered after his terrible stint in Cleveland, but last year he was a key bench piece for a Western Conference Finals team. With Aminu leaving, and the status of Seth Curry up in the air, he’ll be in line for a bigger role next year. I like the value Portland got as well, signing Hood for less than the MLE. GRADE B+

Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers – 5 years $180M

Ooooooweeeeee. Man this is an overpay. Harris is a good #3 for a team with title aspirations, but like Khris Middleton earlier, you don’t pay your #3 guy over $30M. I think the Sixers know they’re likely out of the running to keep Jimmy Butler so they felt like they couldn’t wait around and possibly lose Harris as well. Especially with what they gave up to get him in the first place. GRADE: B-

Mike Scott – Philadelphia 76ers – 2 years $9.8M

One thing that became clear during the playoffs last year is that the Sixers desperately need bench pieces. Scott is a career gunner off the bench and this is good value. GRADE: B+

DeMarre Carroll – San Antonio Spurs – 2 years $13M

This is such a fitting signing. After flaming out in Toronto, Carroll was able to rejuvenate his career in Brooklyn and is a solid depth piece. Spurs quietly becoming old-Raptors south now that they have Carroll, DeRozan, Gay, and Poeltl. GRADE: B

Update: The Spurs have given Carroll a 3 year $21M deal with Carroll in a sign-and-trade with the Nets, a deal that also sent Davis Bertans to the Wizards.

Julius Randle – New York Knicks – 3 years $63M

I love Randle as a player. Thought the Lakers were dumb to let him walk and was pretty good in New Orleans last year. But the Knicks weren’t willing to give KD the max but they give Randle $21M? An overpay, but should be worth it in the end for the Knicks. GRADE: B

George Hill – Milwaukee Bucks – 3 years $29M

After losing Brogdon to the Pacers, the Bucks couldn’t afford to also lose Hill. Hill was very good for them in the playoffs last year and likely ends up in the starting lineup next year. GRADE: A-

Nerlens Noel – Oklahoma City – Deal unknown

Noel is probably regretting turning down a 5 year $70M deal with Dallas, at least until we find out the terms of this deal. He signed for the minimum last year, so I would imagine it’s a somewhat similar deal. He’s very limited offensively, but still a solid rebounder and rim protector off the bench. GRADE: B

Taj Gibson – New York Knicks – 2 years $20M

No KD and Kyrie, so here’s Julius Randle and Taj Gibson! I kid, but Gibson should be great as a veteran presence in a young locker room. $10M/year is definitely an overpay, but he’ll be valued there. GRADE: B-

Jimmy Butler – Miami Heat – 4 years $141M

All about winning eh? Jimmy Butler is a star and a great player (obviously), but the Heat might not even be a playoff team next year with this current roster in an improved Eastern Conference. Philly getting back Josh Richardson and eventually signing Horford is a great return for losing Butler. GRADE: A-

Al Horford – Philadelphia 76ers – 4 years $97M

Now this is easily the biggest shocker of the night. It’s been reported for a week now that Horford wasn’t going back to Boston, but the Sixers just came out of nowhere. Not sure how the team works offensively now, but they should be an absolute force defensively next year. Absolutely between them and Toronto as the top two teams in the East. GRADE: A+

Ed Davis – Utah Jazz – 2 years $10M

Utah continues to hit this off-season out the park. Davis obviously isn’t a household name, but he’s a really good big off the bench. Great energy guy, good rebounder and defender, and has enough touch around the rim to get you spare buckets. Great pickup and a steal of a contract. GRADE: A+

Mike Muscala – Oklahoma City Thunder – Deal unknown

We’ve said for years that the Thunder need more shooting, and I guess Muscala is technically that. A career 34% three point shooter that was awful in his half season in Los Angeles. Hopefully for their sake he turns out better than Patrick Patterson. GRADE: C

Mario Hezonjia – Portland Trailblazers – 1 year $2.2M

Super Mario hasn’t lived up to his top 5 draft selection, but he sort of found his groove with the Knicks last year. I’m surprised that he took the vet minimum after the season he had. I’m also wondering if the Blazers expect Seth Curry to leave after this signing. GRADE: A-

D’Angelo Russell – Golden State Warriors – 4 years $117M

I thought Horford to the Sixers was the biggest shock of the day, until I saw this news. He’s going to be a Warrior???? WHAT??? I’m not totally sure about the on-court fit, especially defensively, and reports say they’ll likely have to trade Andre Iguodala or Draymond Green to make the salary cap work. But you get the talent now and figure out the rest later. If it doesn’t end up working out, someone will trade for Russell on this deal. This is a good rebound after losing Durant and with Klay Thompson out for most of next season. GRADE: A

UPDATE: In order to get under the hard cap, the Golden State Warriors have agreed to trade Andre Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Robin Lopez – Milwaukee Bucks – 2 years $9.5M

The Lopez brothers are reunited!! It’ll be fun to see what the Bucks media team does with that, but on the court this is a great signing for the Bucks. Lopez was under the radar with that crappy Bulls team last year, but he’s still a very solid rebounder and can get you garbage points in the post. We’ll keep an eye out for the dollar amount, but with the Bucks using their cap space on Brook Lopez and re-signing George Hill, I’m willing to bet that the Bucks got a good deal. Update: Chris Haynes is reporting that the Bucks signed Lopez with the room exception, which is $4.75M/season. Great value for a player that will be a big contributor off the bench. GRADE: B

Bobby Portis – New York Knicks – 2 years $31M

I’m very confused right now. I can talk myself into Julius Randle at his price, but why are they signing Portis too? Are they going to start them both? Are they really going to pay their 6th man $16M/year? What happens to Mitchell Robinson? Portis is a solid player, but I don’t understand the fit or the price at all. Only positive I see is that it’s a short term deal. GRADE: D

Jamal Murray – Denver Nuggets – 5 years $170M

Not a free agent, but Shams reported that he’s agreed to a 5 year max extension with the Nuggets. I’m a huge fan of Jamal Murray and think he’s got perennial all-star potential. He’s a guy that can get buckets whenever he wants and isn’t afraid of the big moment. Happy for Jamal, and this deal is also the biggest ever for a Canadian player. GRADE: A

Patrick Beverley – Los Angeles Clippers – 3 years $40M

A continuation of an awesome story. I thought the Clippers might lose out on Beverley while they wait for Kawhi, so it’s obviously huge that they were able to keep him. A bulldog defender and capable shooter, he’s the kind of player everyone wants on their roster. Glad he was finally able to get his big payday. GRADE: A

Reggie Bullock – New York Knicks – 2 years $21M

This isn’t going to make Knicks fans any less bummed to say the least, and Bullock didn’t exactly prove his worth when he got traded to the Lakers at the deadline last season, but Bullock is a pretty solid player. A career 39% three point shooter, he’s a good player to have coming off your bench. And you have to pay a premium to get shooters in this league. GRADE: B

Cory Joseph – Sacramento Kings – 3 years $37M

This deal will surprise most because of the money involved – and yes it is an overpay – but Joseph is a more than capable backup point guard. GRADE: C+

Tomas Satoransky – Chicago Bulls – 3 years $30M

I really like this signing for Chicago. Satoransky is a long combo guard that really didn’t get enough involvement in Washington. Won’t start, but he can play either guard position off the bench and should be a good complement with Coby White should the Bulls decide to play them together. GRADE: B+

Ish Smith – Washington Wizards – 2 years $12M

Wizards basically decided to save $4M for their backup point guard with this deal. Smith has blazing speed out of the backcourt (similar to Wall), and has his moments, but I definitely consider this a downgrade from Satoransky. GRADE: C

Wayne Ellington – New York Knicks – 2 years $16M
Seth Curry – Dallas Mavericks – 4 years $32M
Austin Rivers – Houston Rockets – 2 years $5M

I was shocked that Rivers turned down more money elsewhere to stay for this deal, but there’s something to say about staying where you’re comfortable. Rivers found a great role with the Rockets during his time with them last season, and should go into the season with

Troy Daniels – Los Angeles Lakers – 1 year $2.1M

We’re going to come back to this signing a few months into the season and talk about how sneaky it was. Daniels is a sharpshooter off the bench – career 40% 3pt shooter – and will get plenty of opportunities when he’s on the court with their stars. GRADE: A

Elfrid Payton – New York Knicks – 2 years $16M

Would you look at this, another Knicks signing I don’t understand. Payton has proven to be more unspectacular than anything in his career. Not a good shooter, okay passer and defender. It’s okay since the 2nd year is a team option, but they must really not like Frank Ntilikina if they’re giving this money to Payton. GRADE: C-

Maxi Kleber – Dallas Mavericks – 4 years $35M

Kleber was a player that took advantage once he got extended minutes last year. Shooting 35% from 3 off the bench last year, it’ll be interesting to see if they keep him in that role, or start him alongside Porzingis after giving him this payday. GRADE: B-

Enes Kanter – Boston Celtics – 2 years $10M

Kanter has grown on me over the last year. Proved his toughness during the playoffs for the Blazers last year, he’s a good scorer in the post and a really good rebounder. The drop-off defensively though going from Horford to Kanter will definitely be noticeable. GRADE: B

JJ Barea – Dallas Mavericks – 1 year $2.3M

Barea is comfortable in Dallas, no shocker to see him stick around another year. GRADE: B

Richaun Holmes – Sacramento Kings – 2 years $10M

I’m a fan of Holmes and what he brings to the table. Good rebounder and energy big off the bench, who will compete with Harry Giles for minutes. GRADE: B

Wesley Matthews – Milwaukee Bucks – 1 year $2.3M

Bucks are rebounding nicely after losing Brogdon. After re-signing Hill, getting Matthews on the minimum is a great get for the Bucks. He’s not what he was in his Dallas days, but he’s still a capable 3 and D wing off the bench. GRADE: B+

Frank Kaminsky – Phoenix Suns – 2 years $10M

The Suns weird off-season continues. I’ve got a soft spot for Kaminsky because of his days as a Badger, but he hasn’t proved much in his career so far. I’ll be rooting for him, but he went from one dumpster fire to another. GRADE: C

Alec Burks – Oklahoma City Thunder – Deal unknown
Tim Frazier – Detroit Pistons – Deal unknown
Matt Thomas – Toronto Raptors – 3 years $4.3M

Honestly, I had no idea who this was when Shams tweeted it out. But, he’s been in the Euroleague for the last few years and was a sharpshooter. Shot 49% from three and 99% on uncontested shots. Worth a look on this deal, and I wonder how many minutes he’ll actually get this year. GRADE: B

Kevon Looney – Golden State Warriors – 3 years $15M

How did this happen? I thought Looney would have more of a market. After what he did for the Warriors last year, getting him at $5M/year is an absolute steal. GRADE: A+

Kyle O’Quinn – Philadelphia 76ers – 1 year $2.3M

Capable depth big, more than worth the minimum. GRADE: B-

Isaiah Thomas – Washington Wizards – 1 year

It’s a shame how Thomas’s career has gone downhill ever since coming back to play with that hip injury two years ago. With Satoransky gone and Wall likely out for the season, Thomas could rejuvenate his career playing alongside Bradley Beal. GRADE: B

Anthony Tolliver – Portland Trailblazers – 1 year $2.6M

After trading Meyers Leonard away and letting Jake Layman walk, the Blazers needed another shooter off the bench. Tolliver has produced wherever he’s gone and should fill in nicely as a backup stretch 4/5. Great value for Portland too getting him for the minimum. GRADE: A-

Dorian Finney-Smith – Dallas Mavericks – 3 years $12M
Daniel Theis – Boston Celtics – 2 years $10M
James Ennis – Philadelphia 76ers – 2 years $4.1M

A decent role player that had a bit of shine during the playoffs last year. Not sure how much he’ll play though as he’s likely competing with Zhaire Smith and Matisse Thybulle for minutes. GRADE: B-

Willie Cauley-Stein – Golden State Warriors – 1 year

Ryan Arcidiacano – Chicago Bulls – 3 years $9M

This one is a bit odd, paying your 3rd point guard more than the minimum. We knew he was likely on the block already, but this probably confirms that Kris Dunn is on his way out.

Glenn Robinson III – Golden State Warriors – 2 years

What an opportunity for Robinson. He’s bounced around the league so far in his short career, but with Klay Thompson out, he could actually end up starting on this team. GRADE: B+

Noah Vonleh – Minnesota Timberwolves – 1 year
Jeff Green – Utah Jazz – 1 year $2.5M

Green has often been dubbed as one of the biggest teases in the NBA. He has his moments, but inconsistencies have really plagued his career. However, for the role he’s expected to play and the fact that he’s on the minimum, makes it okay with me. GRADE: C+

Emmanuel Mudiay – Utah Jazz – 1 year

Mudiay hasn’t lived up to his draft billing yet in his career, which is exactly why he decided to sign with Utah. His agent made it a point that it was their player development staff that led Mudiay there, and he’ll probably compete with Exum for the backup guard duties. I imagine it’s for the minimum as well, so it’s worth the depth look for the Jazz. GRADE: B

Wilson Chandler – Brooklyn Nets – 1 year

What do you do when you acquire two superstars? You get cheap veterans to put around them. Chandler is still a decent threat from outside (shot 38% from 3 last year), and can fill in spot starter minutes if they need it. GRADE: B

Rodney McGruder – Los Angeles Clippers – 3 years $15M

The Clippers claimed him from the Heat late in the season and figured they saw enough to reward him with a new deal.

Darius Miller – New Orleans Pelicans – 2 years $14.5M

David Griffin is building this team right. Bringing Miller back won’t make headlines, but Zion is going to need capable shooters around him, which is what Miller is (career 38% 3pt shooter). GRADE: B+

Boban Marjanovic – Dallas Mavericks – 2 years $7M

RIP Tobi and Bobi. While Boban has become sort of a folk hero in the NBA world, he’s a BIG man with good touch around the rim, however he did get rendered unplayable during the playoffs last year. Wonder how much time he’ll actually see in Dallas. GRADE: C

Markieff Morris – Detroit Pistons – Deal unknown

Morris had a tumultuous year to say the least last season. Spent most of it in free agency recovering from injury, and wasn’t the same when he signed with OKC. I think he can turn it around being the 6th man under Dwane Casey. GRADE: B+

TJ McConnell – Indiana Pacers – 2 years $7M

One of the original “Process Boys” is now officially gone. He was relegated to the bench during the playoffs last year, but he’s a capable 3rd point guard and he should be able to fill in nicely until Oladipo comes back. GRADE: B-

Jake Layman – Minnesota Timberwolves – 3 years $11.3M
Jordan Bell – Minnesota Timberwolves – 1 year

I like Bell as an athletic big off the bench, but I wonder where he fits in with Minnesota. He’s behind Towns and likely behind Gorgui Dieng too. Just an weird signing on both sides and I’m surprised he didn’t go back to Golden State. GRADE: C

Raul Neto – Philadelphia 76ers – 1 year minimum

Neto was released by the Jazz in order to make room for Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdonavic, Neto didn’t get much run during his time in Utah. The Sixers desperately need depth, especially at the guard spot with TJ McConnell leaving. Worth a look on a minimum deal. GRADE: B-

Ben Simmons – Philadelphia 76ers – 5 years $168M extension

It was only a matter of time before the Sixers gave Simmons a max extension. Obviously he needs to actually get a jumpshot, but he’s absolutely worth this and they needed to do it. GRADE: A

Jared Dudley – Los Angeles Lakers – 1 year $2.6M

I’ll put aside Dudley’s comments about him being the one to recruit LeBron and AD to LA and just focus on the signing. I like it for the Lakers, a nice veteran off the bench that can hit threes and compete every night. GRADE: B

Luke Kornet – Chicago Bulls – 2 years

A sort-of fan favorite with the Knicks last year, Kornet showed to be a solid big off the bench that’s more than capable shooting from the outside. I imagine he’ll get more minutes as the backup to Wendell Carter with the rebuilding Bulls.

Kawhi Leonard – Los Angeles Clippers – 4 years $142M

As a Raptors fan, this grade is incredibly painful to give. Of course you’re going to wait and use your cap space on a top 3 player in the league, I just wish he would’ve given the Raptors more of a chance. Can’t fault a guy for wanting to return home though, gave the Raptors everything he had and it ended in a championship. GRADE: A+

Danny Green – Los Angeles Lakers – 2 years $30M

Immediately after Leonard chose the Clippers over the Lakers, Pelinka had to go into scramble mode and his first move was to agree with Danny Green. Was it a bit of an overpay? Maybe, but they had to lure him away from the Clippers and Mavs, and Green is a great 2 way player that shot 47% from three last season. He’s a perfect fit starting at SG with a LeBron/AD offense. GRADE: A

JaVale McGee – Los Angeles Lakers – 2 years $8M

Meh. That’s all I have to say about McGee anymore. He also shouldn’t be making more than the minimum and a player option is insane. GRADE: C

Quinn Cook – Los Angeles Lakers – 2 years $6M

Really like this signing. He became unrestricted after the Warriors rescinded his qualifying offer, and it makes sense for the Lakers to pounce. He’s a good shooter off the bench, and he was one of the Warriors in the playoffs last year that showed he’s not afraid of the big moment. And at $3M a season, it’s great value. GRADE: A

Stanley Johnson – Toronto Raptors – 2 years $7.5M

The Raptors first move post-Kawhi was to sign former top-10 pick Stanley Johnson. Still only 23 years old, he’s still got some untapped potential, especially on the defensive end. He’s worth taking a shot on, considering the Raptors history in player development. GRADE: B

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Los Angeles Lakers – 2 years $16M

Oof this is a bad deal. KCP was the beneficiary of being a Klutch client and the Lakers waiting for LeBron James, but what has he done to earn this kind of money now? Not only that, but the deal also reportedly includes a no-trade clause AND a 15% trade kicker. That’s just inexcusable stupidity. GRADE: F

Ivica Zubac – Los Angeles Clippers – 4 years $28M

Zubac was showing some promise as a young big for the Lakers last year before they inexplicably traded him to the Clippers for Mike Muscala. I’m not sure he’s going to be more than an energy big, but he’s only 21 years old and this is a good deal for what he provides. GRADE: A-

DeMarcus Cousins – Los Angeles Lakers – 1 year $3.5M

Home run signing for the Lakers. Yes, he wasn’t very good in the Finals, but he wasn’t very healthy either. A full summer of rehab and a motivated Cousins should be good for the Lakers next year. And with a 1 year minimum deal, it’s a low-risk, high-reward signing. GRADE: A+

Marcus Morris – San Antonio Spurs – 2 years $20M

An interesting signing after the money they gave DeMarre Carroll, but Morris became a reliable 3 and D tough player for the Celtics the last few seasons. Although, I’m not sure it was worth giving up Davis Bertans to sign him and give Carroll more money. GRADE: B

Rajon Rondo – Los Angeles Lakers – 1 year minimum

LeBron likes him, and the media raves about his leadership, but I thought the Lakers should’ve let him walk after the way he handled himself at the end of last season. And at this point, he’s not close to the player he used to be. Maybe that’ll change this year with the Lakers championship aspirations. GRADE: C-

Thanasis Antetokounmpo – milwaukee bucks – 2 years

The brother of Giannis, Thanasis has been around a few years now, bouncing around from G-League to G-League team. They could be betting on working any sort of potential he has, or it could more likely be seen as a way to appease to Giannis before he hits free agency in two years. Either way, Thanasis likely won’t see much of the court with the Bucks, but a lot of time in Oshkosh for their G-League team. GRADE: C

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